5 Interior Floor Coatings Ideal for Tiny Homes

Tiny homes would look larger without clutter and make the surface flooring shine and bright. Like an interior epoxy floor coating, Polished floors create tricks to add lighting to a small space. A clear coating makes the concrete floors reflect your image on it, making a small room look more spacious.

Today’s article will give you the five kinds of floor coatings ideal for tiny homes.

Floor coatings to use when you have a tiny house

When you have a small space at home, the best to do is to feature a large part of the floorings. It is better to minimize adding decorative items and other space-consuming furniture.

Why not decorate the floor to add a unique appeal to a tiny space. Here are floor coatings that would be perfect for a tiny house.

1. Concrete Staining

Floor Coatings Ideal for Tiny Homes

Since you got a small space, staining it would be practical. You can do this on your own As long as you have the materials you can access from local suppliers.

Staining compounds would give the floor a richer color tone, depending on your method. Water-based stains would make the floors deeper and more vibrant color.

Then the other one is acid-stain, where the outcome has a matte look. But both methods add depth to a surface with marble-like patterns that appears on the surface. 

2. Stenciling

Something that you can get from stenciling is its effect on flooring space. Since you have a small space, you can easily apply stencils. No matter how intricate or complex the patterns you create with the stencils. 

Stenciled floors mark a permanent design, and if you are applying it on a concrete floor, the patterns will give a continuous look at the floor. 

Creating an illusion of a continuum in one single slab helps the surface make it look larger and spacious. 

3. Topical sealers

As the name suggests, topical sealers are concrete sealers that are used as finishing to protect the top layers of the floor.

You may have a wooden floor, tiles, or concrete, and you can apply typical sealers on them to seal up the pores or thin gaps to protect the materials. 

A typical product is flooring dyes. It functions as a coloring that is absorbed by the flooring material to make a more permanent coloring at the same time it fills small holes and opening the material may have.

You could also have this for your concrete patio overlay. You may have a small concrete porch outdoors. You can brighten up the facade f your tiny home with t touch of topical sealers to add a little shine to the surface.

4. Cork floorings


Cork floorings come in mats or tiles, but you got cork instead of these heavy-duty materials. This covers up a floor and adds cushioning. This would be perfect for minimalist, jJapndi styled hoes.

You can set up the interior spaces for waling bare shoes with a cork floor, and you need to have your living room shoes off style.

For small areas, sometimes having a cozy ambiance makes you love the small space instead of trying to look it bigger. 

With this style, you can set up the shoe racks outside to have a little space to breathe inside. Besides, with a cork floor, nothing would hurt the feet.

5. Laminate floors

Laminate would be the most practical choice for tiny homes. For one thing, it is made of light materials and is easy to install.

The design takes the look of hardwood. So instead of heavy planks of wood, why not use laminate. It is not natural wood, but it got the durability of the actual wood. 

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