8 Simple Garage Shoe Storage Ideas

Shoe storage is a crucial element in your house. It creates a neat appearance for your space since placing shoes anywhere is messy and dirty. You can set the storage in your garage. Check some garage shoe storage ideas below for your inspiration.

Simple Garage Shoe Storage Ideas

1. Wood frame storage

Wood frame storage

The simple storage can be made from wood. It looks like a shelf, yet every part of the compartment is open. This is classic but simple.

You can DIY this style at home and adjust the size with the size of the garage. You can create a lot of compartments to place the shoes.

2. Closet Storage

garage shoe storage ideas

A closet is an ideal storage, even when you want to put other items in the garage. The closet style is one of the best garage shoe storage ideas since it prevents the shoes from getting dusted in the garage.

If you don’t create a compartment, you can put boxes as shoe storage and arrange them on the ground.

3. Garage shoe rack

Garage shoe rack ideas

The simple and practical way to put shoe storage in the garage is by putting a shoe rack in it. The shoe rack is a nice option because you can move it once in a while when you want to change the interior of the garage. The size of the shoe storage is also adjustable to your needs and garage size.

4. Mounted shoe storage

Mounted shoe storage

The mounted shoe storage is the storage that sticks to the wall of the garage. It is not removable, but a part of the garage design.

You can have a lot of compartments, but it is an open space without any doors. It helps the garage look neat with the shoe arrangement in the compartment.

5. DIY wood rack

DIY wood rack

DIY your own shoe storage can be the cheapest option since you only need some wood bars. Before hanging the rack on the wall, you have to create the compartments where the shoes will stand upside down. Choose the best quality of wood to prevent mildew in the garage.

6. Corner rack

Corner rack shoes

The corner rack is another option to maximize the space in your garage. This style is perfect if you don’t have much space on the ground. You can install a shelf on the wall, adjusting the shape of the corner. Then, you can arrange the shoes on the shelves.

7. Metal shoe rack

Metal shoe rack

The metal shoe rack is durable and usually, the material is from galvanized steel or aluminum. It is very light, but durable for years. A garage is usually dry and full of dust, so the metal won’t get affected because of it.

8. Simple open cabinet

Simple open cabinet for shoes

A simple cabinet in the garage is a nice choice. The top of the cabinet can be useful for placing other items or simple decorations. The cabinet itself becomes the shoe storage in the garage.

You can follow the style of those garage shoe storage ideas above to maximize the function of your garage. It is a perfect place to store your shoe collection. With a good choice of shoe storage, your space will be neat.

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