Top 11 Pet Friendly Plants for Your Four-Legged Pals

A lot of indoor and outdoor plants are not safe for your common house pets like cats and dogs. Pet-friendly plants mean the kind that are not toxic to animals, even if consumed.

Let’s take a look at 11 of the most pet-friendly plants that look good in any space:

1. Spider Plant

The light green and silver leaves of the Spider Plant might tempt your pet. No need to worry. Even if consumed, the plant is absolutely harmless.

They are easy to grow, don’t need direct sunlight and thrive in an indoor atmosphere. Water it only when the top soil is dry.

2. Christmas Cacti

pet friendly plants

If it’s holiday decor that you are looking for, choose the Christmas cacti. Not only does it look pretty but is also safe for pets.

It might cause some intestinal discomfort if ingested in a huge quantity. But other than that, it is absolutely safe to be around animals.

These non toxic indoor plants are perfect for growing in bright, indirect light and require to be deeply watered only once a week.

3. Gloxinia

A stunning flowering plant and a native of Brazil. Gloxinia produces gorgeous bright red flowers with white edges that can brighten up any room. These are safe for cats and dogs.

Keep the plant in indirect light and provide constant moisture for best results.

4. Baby’s Tears

This gorgeous mat of tiny, perfect little green leaves is a favorite among gardeners as well as veterinarians. These are the perfect companion plants for many indoor plants.

These cover up the soil surface of a pot and discourage pets from digging up plant roots. Also, if consumed the plant causes absolutely no harm to the pets.

You can hang them from baskets and water them every second day. Keep them away from direct sunlight. Low light conditions suit them well.

5. Boston Fern

The Boston Fern is one of the most popular indoor plants that are also pet-friendly. Lots of foliage and coverage is what makes this plant perfect for any space.

No need to worry about your pets swatting at a few fronds and chomping down on them. These are safe even if consumed by pets.

Medium indirect light suits these plants best. Light watering everyday is required during summers. During winters, water it every second day or when the top soil is dry.

6. Lemongrass

Not only does it look great, but it also smells amazing. Maybe that’s what attracts your pets into taking a bite or two out of the lemongrass plants. No worries, since these are not at all harmful for animals.

Not to mention, this fast-growing ornamental grass is also great for adding into your soups and stir-fries.

They need direct sunlight for at least 5 to 6 hours in a day. Water them every second day or when the top soil seems dry. A nitrogen-based fertilizer once every three months will do it a world of good.

7. African Violets

A colorful addition to small shelves and hanging planters, African Violets too are harmless to animals, even if ingested. Your pets can play around with the swaying leaves or pull off a flower, but that’s okay. It’s safe.

These bloom all through the year and you can help them thrive by placing them in indirect sunlight. Low to moderate watering is what suits them best.

8. Parlor Palm

If you want to add taller plants or trees in your space, why not opt for the Parlor Palm. Its stately foliage and lush foliage is ideal for coverage.

This is one of the most popular large indoor plants that are safe for dogs. And they are absolutely safe for pets. Not only that, it is also a very easy to maintain plant.

Water only when the top one inch of the soil is dry for best results. Lots of bright, indirect sunlight is best for it. Although, it grows adequately well in low-light conditions as well.

9. Calathea

Also referred to as peacock plants, prayer plants or zebra plants due to their showy striped leaves. Calathea is an excellent choice for homes with pets.

These non toxic plants are completely harmless for your animals. And they are easy to grow and care for.

Medium to low light conditions suit these plants best. In fact, Calathea is said to be one of the best low light non toxic house plants. Water them every third day or when the top soil becomes dry to the touch.

10. Moth Orchids

Orchids make any place instantly that much more classier, don’t they? Moth Orchids are not just showy plants but are also good to have around the house.

They are safe for your pets, even if eaten accidentally by them.

Make sure to provide them with indirect sunlight. Spray your plants sparingly with a spritzer every day for best results. Or you can water them once every week.

If you have planted them in a hanging basket, you can immerse the entire basket in water for 10 to 12 minutes.

11. Watermelon Peperomia

The watermelon peperomia is a popular plant among pet owners. It is safe for pets to be around. And it looks good in any space with its fat, lustrous leaves streaked naturally to resemble watermelons.

It is easy to care for as well. You will need to water it only when the top soil feels dry to the touch. Direct sunlight will only do it harm, so keep it in medium to low-light conditions.

Animals have an age-old instinct to chew on plants, be it at home or in the wild. Trying to keep them away from every houseplant in your house is sure to be a difficult task.

But now you can let your pets play freely, attack the waving fronds and maybe chomp down on one or two. Just make sure to pick the right pet-friendly plants for your space.

All the better, if these non toxic plants are easy to care for and don’t require a lot of work from you. More time for you to play with your pet.

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