Best 19+ Simple Small Bathroom Ideas

Small Bathroom Ideas – From many problems commonly experienced by homeowners, it seems that small space is one of them. As a result, some rooms must be treated “wrongly” like giving them only two or three meter squares. Well, bathroom is probably the victim for this. Most of people think that this room doesn’t need that much space to begin with.

Therefore, they don’t pay attention to this matter. Smaller size bathroom actually can lead to lot of problems. The problem will affect you, mentally and physically. One of the problem is the smaller size bathroom won’t give you any space and atmosphere where you can feel relax in your bathroom, like a bathroom function should be.

More than that, smaller size bathroom also can give you health problem, without good ventilation system. The stagnant air inside will only becomes the place of bacteria to live. 

But you should not worry since there are somesmall bathroom ideas that still guarantee this area to be beautiful and comfortable. What are they?

1. Modern or Contemporary Bathroom Idea

Applying modern or contemporary design in your bathroom doesn’t only make it look up to date. It also gives some more benefits. it solves a small space problem for its clean and minimalist look. There are some rules in designing and arranging the interior design for a bathroom with small space.

It should not have too many details and accents since the atmosphere can be even cramped and thermal. The simplicity of modern idea tends to make your bathroom look more spacious without lessening its beauty and elegance.

2. Small Bathroom Idea with Neutral Color

Bright colors like red, yellow, and orange are indeed stunning. However, you should not deny that they are too striking as well. For this reason, those colors should not be applied when the room available is small and narrow enough.

The same thing is also for the dark colors like black or rustic brown. In other words, neutral colors like white, cream, light pink, baby blue, beige, and the likes are the best choices for your bathroom. How is if one of the bright or dark colors is your favorite one and you really want to apply it? Use it as the decorations only not for majority.

Remember to consider unique shower curtains when it comes to bathroom decor. Your shower curtain can be a delightful focal point that adds a touch of personality to your bathroom. There are countless options, whether you prefer quirky patterns, artistic designs, or humorous themes.

These unique shower curtains can reflect your interests and sense of humor or even match the overall theme of your bathroom.

They’re an easy and affordable way to express your style without overwhelming the space with bold colors, making them a perfect choice in smaller bathrooms where subtlety and creativity can go hand in hand.


3. Simple Vintage Bathroom Idea

When modern idea is recommended, the classic one is in contrast actually. it is particularly if you choose the luxuriously classic ideas like Victorian, Mediterranean, and some others. for you the lovers of classic style but have a problem with a kind of small-sized bathrooms, here is the solution. It is the simple vintage bathroom.

Yes, it is classic or vintage with the application of old-fashioned furniture and fixtures. But you can choose them that are simpler in design. This way, your bathroom is just safe from such a cramped look.

4. Plain Wall

There are so many beautiful designs of wallpaper with stunning patterns offered outside. Unfortunately, such patters mainly the very-detailed ones are not recommended for any room whatever it is. Letting the wall plain is much better for this.

So, it is better if you paint the wall rather than attaching the wallpaper. It is okay to still apply wallpaper as long as it doesn’t have complicated designs. Choose one of them that is quite simple but still makes your bathroom look more beautiful and elegant.

5. Good Lighting

In any room, lighting is an essential point. There are basically two main ideas of lighting for interior; they are the bright and the dim ones. Dimly lighting is indeed romantic and somehow soothing. Unfortunately, it is a big no for your small bathroom.

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Especially at night, such dimly lights basically cannot work well when the space itself is limited. So, the best choice is the bright lighting. Put two or three lightings on some spots. Each of them should not be too bright but when they are blended together, they can just give more elegant look inside.

6. Small-Sized Furniture

This idea is actually clear and reasonable enough. Of course, you don’t need any big furniture when the room itself is limited. So, be sure to adapt the furniture and other bathroom items you buy with the conditions.

It is even necessary to measure the bathroom as well as the furniture in the shop for not making any mistakes in the end. 

7. No Shower Stall

There is an item which is actually really important but it gives a big problem for the small bathroom. It is the shower stall. For a very small bathroom, it is better if the shower area is without any stall. It is not only practical but also save more space. Moreover, it is when your bathroom already have a bathtub there.

To make the entire bathroom clean and free from moss or fungi, it seems you have to clean it more regularly at least once a week. Besides, it is not bad to open the windows and the door like two or three hours per day when it is empty.

8. Enough Windows and Ventilation

Some people may find it so silly to install windows and ventilation on the bathroom’s wall. Undeniably, bathroom is a private area anyway. With a condition your bathroom faces your own yard or you may live in an apartment, this is a good idea.

The windows and ventilation are good to let the air and sunshine circulate well. Besides, the bathroom can also be brighter in the morning or a noon without you have to turn on the lamp.

You can choose blurred glasses to be installed particularly when the bathroom is not surrounding by the private areas. This way, nobody will look at you when you are bathing.

9. Mirror

Mirror is a good idea to give an optical illusion for any room that is small and narrow. Yes, it is all about the reflection. But it doesn’t mean you can put any mirror you want. Be sure to choose one or a pair that is not too big or too small. It is only about a half of one wall side.

Place it on an appropriate area where you can also use it properly. It is so good if the mirror is between the lightings since the spacious look can just be brought out more.

Undeniably, from those entire small bathroom ideas mentioned above, this one requires you to be more careful. Too small and too big mirrors can just make the bathroom in general less comfortable.

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