15+ Creative DIY Birdhouse Ideas for Your Garden

DIY Birdhouse Ideas – Want to give your bird an attraction and ultimate happiness in your house or apartment? You can opt for some birdhouse ideas. Not only giving them space to breed, but the birdhouse ideas are also things that can reduce their stress.

If you are planning on doing it and think that a pre-made birdhouse is not affordable, here is the list of fifteen birdhouse ideas that will bring the birds so much fun and save you many bucks. Let’s have a look!

1. Regular Birdhouse

DIY Birdhouse Ideas

Learn how to make a birdhouse? Then, this is the option that might help you to start making the wooden birdhouse.

The process of making this stuff is relieving yet also simple. You can even encourage your children to help you with making this stuff.

What you need to prepare are some woods and tools and pieces of equipment. To make this activity easier, make the birdhouse concept before you start it, and don’t forget to measure the size of the woods for this basic birdhouse.

2. Old Colonial Mansion

DIY Birdhouse Ideas

This birdhouse looks so lavish, but don’t feel intimidated because of it. You know what? You can make the old colonial mansion birdhouse without spending too much money or making a complicated design.

The key to making this marvelous idea happen is by painting all the woods in white color. Don’t forget to make the windows level so that it is similar to the mansion in real life.

3. Decoupage House

DIY Birdhouse Ideas

Featuring the decoupage birdcage idea is a great thing to do because you don’t need to paint it and make a mess in your house. Consider using some easy materials such as cardboard or plywood, and no need to add nails to tie them.

The decoupage idea starts with the paper. You might opt for either the newspaper, magazine paper, or every single paper you find at home. Seal the paper with acrylic paint if you want it to be more durable.

4. Pot and House

DIY Birdhouse Ideas

Imagine a house with a garden on it. Do you think it is quite magnificent? That’s how you will design your own birdhouse when you are too bored with the basic birdhouse concept.

The birdhouse lies between the flower pots, and the birds can be fed in that pot. They might breed and make the nest in that garden, so you have made something that is really useful and attractive for them.

The birdhouse is different from the usual option, so don’t be too surprised when people will adore your work.

5. The Stone Hut

DIY Birdhouse Ideas

Not only people who love the “back to nature” concept. The bird will also opt for this choice happily.

It is really adorable to include yourself in this project because you can have such a new experience using the stones as the main material to make a birdhouse.

Adhere several stones to cover your birdhouse, and you can also paint them so they will look nicer. However, if you love to stick to the traditional and basic stuff, you can just let the stones with their natural colors.

Also, it features a wooden door to emphasize the natural and bold nuance.

6. Rustic and Tempting


Neo-rustic, have you ever heard about that style? There is a chance that it is your first time hearing that concept.

The rustic concept can be applied to the birdhouse with the repurposed wood, so we think you don’t have to try so hard to do this.

And what about that new concept? The rustic birdhouse features red as the main color to be splashed. Thus, you will see how it can steal attention and how sexy it is to be a piece of decoration in your house.

7. A Minimalist House


A contemporary and minimalist house for people; you might hear too much of it, but how about the birdhouse ideas? That must be something you rarely think of until you see this birdhouse concept.

The birdhouse comes in modern style and looks so minimalist. Even though the concept is fresh, you don’t have to try too hard to make it. You can even do it with kids without being afraid of harming them.

8. License Plates


Do you like every single decoration that contains license plates on it? Then, this idea is suitable for you. The roof is made up of repurposed license plates, and you can also cut the license plates to decorate the body.

The birdhouse will stand out as an exterior decor for your house. But remember to be careful once you build it, especially when you cut or modify the plates with kids because the tip of the license plate is rather sharp that it might hurt you.

9. Blue and Calming House


Do you miss your grandmother’s house? Or, you want to complete your classic house with cozy decoration? How about presenting a traditional house to the birds? That will be a nice touch for the yard.

The birdhouse also evokes memories of your childhood, moreover when you hear the birds chirping in the morning.
Look for the inspiring design from the Internet before you start designing the classic house for the birds in your backyard.

10. Hanging House


Do you feel bored with nailing here and there to make a birdhouse? Here we can go have a hanging birdhouse.
This attractive birdhouse is a good idea if you don’t want to stick that stuff into the wall.

The birdhouse will hang in any tree and enhance the magnificent ambiance. And another good thing is the house doesn’t require a professional woodworking skills to make.

Hang the house with the iron or wire chain so that it will not easily fall. If you still feel insecure about its condition, you can nail the chain for double protection. Isn’t it easy and unique at the same time?

The hanging birdhouse is also easy to move everywhere. So, when you feel like you want to put it on your terrace, all you have to do is just move it and hang it in the different place.

11. Log House


A nature lover who easily falls in love with the rustic style? This one is really designed just for you. The birdhouse is made up of some logs, and it will always remind you of the cabin in the wood.

The birdhouse will suit you so well your rustic property, and it really is worth it to try. Not only will you feel contented with this house, but those feathered creatures will also love it.

12. Modern Rectangular Shape


The modern design is always linked to the rectangular shape, and how about presenting it for your feathered pals at home? Making the rectangular birdhouse is so easy. You just have to build a box in a wide rectangle shape.

To emphasize the minimalist nuance, you can paint the house roof in a bright and calm color.

That absolutely will make the house look effortlessly lavish, although you didn’t add the roof for that. And what else? It is spacious enough to invite more than two birds.

From the outside, the house might seem so small. But, on the inside, there is a wide space left.

13. The Umbrella Hut


Actually, this is not the actual hut. The umbrella hut functions as a bird feeder. The concept is unique because the bird feeder features an umbrella that can protect the bird and make them feel more comfortable.

It also doesn’t take too much time to make this thing. So, if you want to have inexpensive stuff for the birds, here is the best idea that you can try at home with the kids.

14. The Teapot House


Add a charm to your backyard using this magnificent birdhouse. It is made up of regular woods. However, it resembles the teapot that pours the liquid into the cup. Do you think it is so playful?

To make this cute birdhouse, you really need to give the best effort. The design must also be prepared before, and you must spend many bucks to make it. There is no free lunch, right?

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15. Recycling House


You can take care of your feathered friends while paying attention to the Earth problem by recycling jug milk and turning it into a birdhouse. This choice is definitely a wise choice, moreover if you are not so into the craft.

No need to nail it or to cut the woods, all you are going to do is just cut the jug milk and turn it into a birdhouse idea. That won’t hurt even a single piece of your finger, so it is safe to include your child in that activity.

So, these are some birdhouse ideas that are quite interesting to apply and inviting for all the feathered creatures in your house.
If this is your first time making the birdhouse, then you can design the concept before you start to execute it.

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