5 Entry Door Casing Ideas That Will Make Your House Attractive

The door is one part of the house that brings a deep impression in a building. This happens because the door of the house is an important element that is seen the first time someone enters the room. An attractive house entrance design will give the front of the house a more unique appearance.

Currently, many people like to explore the front door of the house by choosing a more contrasting color or creating a unique door design. The design of the entrance to the house is also very diverse, it can consist of one or two doors.

The materials are also very diverse, such as from wood, iron, or plastic, and use various door handles as well. In this article we will discuss about entry door casing ideas

Elegant door design


The door is the first thing guests see, so make it a distinctive feature to make it look different from other neighboring houses. Choose a contrasting color, for example red. This color is suitable to be combined with neutral or earthy tone wall paint.

Classic door design


This door design is suitable for classic-style residential concepts. The hallmark of this design is the size of the door that rises high with iron material.

This makes it look sturdy. Add an artistic impression by making a carved design on the door leaf. Not only that, in the foyer you can add chandeliers to strengthen the classic theme.

Modern style door

Entry Door Casing Ideas

This door design is perfect for a minimalist and contemporary concept house. The simple and minimalist design fits perfectly with the characteristics of a modern-style house.

There are not many elements in the design of this door. The color is also made the same as the wall color which makes it look unified.

Grande concept door


The next entry door casing ideas is a grande concept door. This door design is perfect for you, the owner of a large house with towering pillars at the front.

You can choose a door with a grande concept that is high almost to the ceiling. It is enough to make just one door, because this type of door is quite striking with its large enough size.

Symmetrical accent door

Entry Door Casing Ideas

The concept of this door is more dominant with the glass material. Although it is quite risky because it can be seen from the outside, you can work around this by providing curtains. This door can be applied to the concept of a tropical residence to give a more attractive appearance.

Well, that’s all about entry door casing ideas. Read also other articles about window trim ideas, which will inspire you in decorating your home.

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